March Into the Madness

Event Planning

The best thing about March Madness is every team, underdog or favorite, has a chance to win. The moment the referee throws the ball in the air, both teams think they will come out victorious. How does one team find that extra something and rise above their competition? Preparation, determination and a little grit.

As a planner, you have to have all three. Planning a live event is no joke. From the moment you determine to have one and start planning, all you can imagine is how successful your event will be. What determines if your dream of event success comes true? Preparation, determination and a little grit.

Of course you won’t have an event without preparation. But how you prepare makes all the difference. So how do you prepare to ensure that you have a winning event? The first step after you have determined what type of event you will have, create your budget. Most people will jump right into planning their event and run in to very costly problems down the road. Take your time and create a budget first. Then stick to it. We have a comprehensive budget checklist that will help you determine what you should include in your budget. The sectioned categories are easily transferrable and will help you determine exactly what you should include in your budget. After you are satisfied that you have included everything that you need then you can start planning your event. If you are going to use a photographer, caterer, bartender, DJ and rent a space, it may be best to create a Request For Proposal (RFP) for each of those vendors. Send your RFP to at least 5 companies and compare the results. Once you have chosen your vendors and negotiated with them for the right price (according to your budget), you are half way there! The last step to prepare for event success is flushing out all of the details like marketing, agenda, staffing, speakers, registration website, etc.

Determination is defined as a firm or fixed intention to achieve a desired end. That is exactly how I feel when I start a new project for my clients. I am determined to see it through to the end. When the vendor doesn’t want to answer my calls or text and I need an answer yesterday, I take a trip to their office and don’t leave until I get my answer. When the caterer tells me at the last minute that they don’t have enough beef and he has to feed half of my guest roasted chicken we cut all the portions in half and serve everybody steak and chicken. Totally a true story. ? When you are planning your event, the only thing that you can be sure of is that stuff happens. If you stay determined, you will be rewarded with the event that you envisioned. A successfully executed event will give you such a feeling of accomplishment and there is nothing quite like it.

Now lets talk about your grit. In my opinion, the fact that you have decided to plan an event for your business, charity, non-profit, etc. shows that you have some grit in you. Your decision shows you are ready to stretch yourself, and not let the fact that it was not done before deter you. As you plan your first live event, think about why you are doing it and why you want to succeed. When combined with your preparation and determination to see it through, you can’t be stopped!

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