Are You In The Right Place? Questions For Your Site Visit.

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Finding the perfect venue is one of the first things that you do when planning your live event.  But how will you know that it is right for you?

Is it the right price? You’ve created a budget and you know exactly what you can spend on your venue rental.  Is this space within your budget, including taxes, fees, F&B (if you are required to use their caterer)?

Is it the right location? The location is key.  If you are planning your event in a major city, does the venue have ample parking for attendees?  How much does parking cost and will attendees be willing to pay?  Is it close to public transportation?  Put yourself in your attendee’s shoes.  Will it be easy to get to if they are driving, flying, or public transportation?

Does it match your brand?  In most cases, your event will be the first impression attendees have of you and your company.  Does the venue make the right impression?  What does the venue you chose say about your company?  What will it say about your brand?

Questions You Should Ask When Conducting a Site Visit

Is the room large enough for you to grow if needed?  Is your event taking place in one room?  Can it accommodate more than your anticipated attendance or will you have to cap your attendance (and money making potential)?  Does your venue have larger rooms that you can use if you need to?  Make sure that your contract will not change significantly if you need to upgrade to a larger room.

Will your attendees be able to find your event room easily?  The last thing you want to do is have your event in a hotel room that is in the basement, through a tunnel and up two flights of stairs!  It was cheap for a reason.  ? You want your attendees to be stress free when you start your program.  That means choose an event space that is easy to get to and registration check in that is quick.

What are they willing to give you?  Some places offer meeting packages that include the event space, lunch and snacks during the day and audio/visual (A/V) equipment.  Make sure to check with your venue to see if they have meeting packages available. Some venues are also willing to give you percentages off your F&B or A/V if you meet certain criteria. Find out what they are willing to offer before you make your final decision.

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